At Moviemania, our huge range of Disney ornaments and collectables includes everything you could need to complete your collection or find the perfect gift for a relative, friend or loved one. Our Disney collection ranges from much-loved classic characters like Mickey and Minnie, Dumbo and Mowgli, right through to more contemporary additions to the Disney family, like Rapunzel and Moana. Whether you’re looking for modern merchandise or vintage collectables, we’re on hand to help you find it.

Disney Figures

With a wide variety of designs and characters, such as the classic Oswald Figurine from the Disney BRITTO Collection, the elegant Cinderella Art Deco Figurine from the Disney Showcase Collection or the range of quirky figurines that make up the World of Miss Mindy presents Disney collection, we are sure to have something to suit everyone’s tastes. Other notable brands we have in stock are Haute Couture Disney, the Enchanting Collection and a range of collectable figures from Disney Traditions.

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Happy Unbirthday (Storybook Alice in Wonderland Tea Party) – Disney Traditions
£50.00 £40.00
Eeyore with a Heart Balloon Figurine – Disney Traditions
£35.00 £30.00
Bunny Bouquet (Thumper and Blossom Figurine) – Disney Traditions
£35.00 £30.00
Maleficent as Dragon Disney Showcase Collection Figurine
£125.00 £110.00
Disney Alice in Wonderland March Hare Loungefly Zip-Around Wallet
Disney Alice in Wonderland Dormouse Loungefly Cardholder
Disney Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Loungefly Mini-Backpack
Disney by Loungefly Backpack Kingdom Hearts Mickey
Hasbro Gaming Disney Frozen 2 Monopoly Board Game
The Muppets Swedish Chef Action Figures
Royal Shimmer Cinderella Disney Princess Doll
Royal Shimmer Aurora Disney Princess Doll
Nightmare Before Christmas Coffin Doll Sally with Cauldron 14-Inch
Nightmare Before Christmas Silver Anniversary Mayor Action Figure
Tiana Figurine – Disney Showcase Collection
£70.00 £60.00
Ariel Figurine – Disney Showcase Collection
£70.00 £60.00
Seashell Scenario (The Little Mermaid Shell Scene Figurine) – Disney Traditions
£100.00 £90.00
Group Hug! (Aladdin Figurine) – Disney Traditions
£100.00 £90.00
Beauty Rare (Sleeping Beauty 60th Anniversary Piece) – Disney Traditions
£75.00 £70.00
A Whale of a Whale (Monstro with Geppetto and Pinocchio) – Disney Traditions
Romance by Candlelight (Lumiere and Feather Duster Figurine)
Christmas Ariel Figurine
£80.00 £65.00
Mrs. Incredible Vinyl Figurine
£30.00 £12.00
Mulan – Gifts To Honour Figurine
£120.00 £100.00
Tangled – Live Your Dream Figurine
£65.00 £55.00
Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Kissing Booth Figurine
£55.00 £50.00
Eeyore – Waiting for Spring Figurine
£35.00 £30.00
Cinderella – Lady Tremaine Figurine
£55.00 £48.00
Esmeralda 20th Anniversary Figurine
£60.00 £52.00
Tangled – Rapunzel Figurine
£60.00 £48.00
Nightmare Before Christmas Santa Jack Unlimited Coffin Doll
Loungefly Disney Minnie Mouse Denim Backpack
Disney Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Loungefly Mini-Backpack
Disney by Loungefly Backpack Baby Hercules and Pegasus AOP
Disney by Loungefly Wallet Donald Duck
Toy Story by Loungefly Wallet Buzz Lightyear
Toy Story by Loungefly Backpack Buzz Lightyear
Nightmare before Christmas by Loungefly Crossbody Bag Striped
Nightmare before Christmas by Loungefly Wallet Burlap Oogie Boogie
Disney by Loungefly Wallet Reversible Donald – Daisy
Disney by Loungefly Wallet Mickey Mouse Vintage Grey
Disney by Loungefly Backpack Jiminy Cricket Cosplay
Disney by Loungefly Backpack Elvis Stitch Cosplay
Hasbro Gaming Disney Toy Story Monopoly Board Game
£25.00 £20.00
Disney Frozen 2 – Autumn Swirling Adventure Anna Figure
Disney Frozen 2 – Anna Action Figure
Disney Frozen 2 – Talk and Glow Olaf & Elsa Action Figure
£45.00 £42.00