STAR WARS The Vintage Collection Jabba’s Tatooine Skiff Collectible Vehicle


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Star Wars EP VI Vintage Collection Action Figure 2019 Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard)

About This Action Figure

From the comfort of his barge on Tattooing, Jabba the Hutt orders his men to make Luke Skywalker walk the Plank of the desert Skiff. Waiting below Luke is the great pit of carkoon, where the Sarlacc rests, buried except for its massive mouth and beaked tongue. On board The Skiff with jabba’s ceremonies and Skywalker are a few of the jedi’s trusted allies. Battle commences and Luke, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Lando Calrissian attempt to fight off the Hutt crime Syndicate and make their escape. With this STAR WARS the vintage collection Tattooing Skiff, the stage is set for fans to recreate this classic return of the Jedi battle and imagine new adventures. This highly detailed STAR WARS the vintage collection jabba’s Tattooing Skiff vehicle features movie-inspired design, Adjustable and removable parts, and sturdy, clear display stand. Scaled to fit Multiple 3.75-Inch-scale action figures (each sold separately), The Skiff makes an ideal addition or beginning to any STAR WARS toy collection. Fans can also look out for other STAR WARS the vintage collection toys. Also available from STAR WARS: return of the Jedi are 3.75-Inch-scale action figures of jabba’s Tattooing Skiff crew. (Sold separately. Subject to availability.)
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