Who are Star Ace Toys

Who are Star Ace Toys?

Star Ace Toys Limited was established in 2013 to enhance the already strong toy manufacturing capabilities of X-Plus Co  Ltd, an Osaka based toy manufacturer established in 1986. The core of Star Ace’s products are action figures with many different movie lines such as Harry Potter.

They have two different types of action figure types which are called series.

Legend Series: the legend series consist of having more classic film icons.

Movie Series: the movie series consist of having other flims eg. Harry Potter, Underworld, 300 and many others.

What Films/TV Shows do Star Ace Toys do?

Star Ace Toys Have the licensed properties for a wide range of different films:

Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, Arrow, The Flash, Underwold, 300, 300 Rise Of The Empire, The Great Escape, Pulp Fiction and Many others.

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